Top Quality Truck Fleet Washing & Heavy Equipment Cleaning Services

Maintaining your fleet's professional image is a large responsibility.  How can you ensure that your fleet will present a positive image of your company, yet find a reputable wash vendor that is eco-friendly in this "green" oriented world? Our Bioclean System of fleet washing is the answer - and the solution!

The Bioclean System of fleet washing is widely used across the US, Canada, and Australia!  This exclusive 2-step fleet washing procedure utilizes
100% biodegradable detergents and eco-friendly procedures. Plus, Wastewater Reclamation and Management Systems are our specialty. Another benefit is that our products returns to the environment at or close to a neutral (7) pH state - a very uncommon environmental safeguard to find in the fleet vehicle washing industry!

Semi's/Tractor Trailers
Tanker Trucks
Box Trucks

Government Vehicles

​• Utility Vehicles

Delivery/Cargo Vans
 Dealership Inventories
 Construction Equipment

Industrial Equipment

​• Farming Equipment

House Washing / Siding Cleaning
Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning
Patio, Porch & Pool Deck Cleaning

Mold & Mildew Growth Removal

 Rust Stain Removal & more!

Industrial grade truck scales and trash compactors need to be kept clean to function properly.  And when the weather gets freezing cold (like it often does in the Des Moines/Central Iowa area), Des Moines Mobile Wash is ready to de-ice and clean truck scales and trash compactors to keep you up and running. We're proud to offer these valuable and beneficial services to truck stops, weighing stations, grocery stores, superstores, commercial and industrial businesses, and many others!

Residential Pressure Washing Services for Central Iowa Homeowners

Commercial & Industrial Pressure Washing / Interior & Exterior 

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It isn't uncommon for our fleet washing customers to ask us what else we can clean for them.  You will be glad to know that we can safely and effectively pressure clean / power wash the exterior of your building to remove built up dirt, grime, grease and contaminants to keep your commercial or industrial property looking it's very best.  Plus, we can keep interior floors, walls and equipment free of potentially damaging, dangerous buildup.

Truck Scale & Trash Compactor Pressure Washing & De-Icing

Commercial Building Pressure Washing
Industrial Building Power Washing
 Ceiling, Wall & Floor Pressure Washing

Interior Equipment Maintenance Cleaning

We are a fully qualified, fully insured, recognized company equipped to handle a wide range of truck, equipment, and fleet vehicle washing duties:

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Our equipment and cleaning processes are completely safe and highly effective for residential property cleaning, too! The eco-friendly properties of our cleaning system make it the ideal exterior cleaning solution for Des Moines, Iowa area homeowners.  Services include:

Fleet Washing & Pressure Washing Services in the Central Iowa area


Des Moines Mobile Wash provides a full range of Commercial, Industrial & Residential services to customers throughout the Central Iowa area!